About us

My Chinese name is Bai Xilong (白西龙), the translation of whose characters will be white – west – dragon. Twenty years ago it was the easiest way for my first Chinese acquaintances to call me. I used this name during many years without any second thought. In 2009, while working in my book about the tiger symbolism I find that my name fit perfectly with the old Chinese concept of the yin-yang; represented as a figure of a white tiger and a green dragon. As “xi” (西) means “west” but is usually used as an abbreviation for “Spanish” in books and magazines, me name suddenly became a Spanish between the yin (white tiger) and yang (green dragon), what seems extremely auspicious.

During the last years I have been continuously researching the culture of the ethnic groups in China, as well as aspects of Chinese culture. Some of these materials were commercially published in Spain, disguised as a travel book (Shangrila (2006)) or including aspects of ethnic cultures in books apparently dealing  with China (Legends of the Mother Goddess (2007), The tiger in China: Image and Symbol (2010), and Matriarchy in China: goddesses, queens, mothers and shamans (2011)).

Papers of the White Dragon are my papers. Being the materials about the China ethnic minorities extremely difficult to be commercially published, and without time for spend looking for a suitable publisher I will publish under this name, mainly in a digital way, but also using the benefits of digital publishing to a print small number of books when required, to make available materials about China ethnic groups.

Though this is not viewed as a commercial enterprise and I have no plans to look for works of other authors, Papers of the White Dragon is not closed to other persons. In fact I will very happy to share the knowledge I am getting about digital self-publishing with other authors.


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